"Simple like an uncarved block."
Tao te Ching

"Like an acorn that holds the promise of a thousand forests."

Sunday, April 11, 2010


What an eyeful of beauty we found as we drove down off the mountain into Cookeville. Redbud Trees are wild everywhere along roads and as landscape features in view all over the city. They are truly Eye Candy.
Still a favorite with many are the lovely Dogwoods, the charming understory trees that are coming into their glory right now.

Also blooming abundantly are the heralds of a May 4th election. Most disappearing in just a few days after voting has finished.

Saturday we had a clean up day at church. There were busy folks inside and out. Here is the results of serious pruning and weeding in the Meditation Garden. I was one of the farmhands here. The burn pile in the back ground took care of the Privet that wants to devour the garden. Annuals will fill in around the new perennials yet to be bought.

It fills in nicely over the growing season. I forgot to take my camera yesterday to record all the busy folks doing their part. So today before church I quickly took pictures of the results so far. The garden is an on going project.

Heading home there were more wonderful signs of Tennesseans making their home sites pretty as pictures.

More and more people are choosing to landscape with Pink Dogwood. They are so pretty.

I'm quite fond of pink myself and here is how we choose to welcome guest with our traditional Bleeding Hearts.

I know the plants will die back when the flowers finish, but that's o.k. with me. They are so stunning while they bloom.

Here in our backyard the Dogwood are still small and cream colored. As they mature and grow a little more they will be snowy white before they set their crimson berries.

Taking it all for granted is KiKi.

Have you already strolled with Aislings strolling friends? If not head on over to her place and see who else is strolling.


Friko said...

Everything is far more advanced down your neck of the woods than here.
All the same, the heart swells with joy at the sight of so much promise. I have spent the whole of Saturday working in the garden and if it hadn't been for an aching back, I'd probably still be at it.

Aisling said...

What a bountiful display of color! I love it all!

Cloudhands said...

I can relate to aching backs. Working in the church garden yesterday left me deeply aware of my back and my legs. Thanks for stopping by.

Cloudhands said...

I too find I'm enchanted by all the spring colors. Going to a garden center Friday was overwhelming. Didn't buy anything just daydreaming. We are going slow in planting and such. The last frost date is May 15.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

Splendid! Happy to see dogwoods in any colour.... Lovely meditation garden, too.

Gilly said...

Those pink dogwoods are really pretty. Do they do anything else - like have autumn colour?

Everything looks so much further ahead than here - my dicentra are well and truly up, but no flowers yet. I don't mind mine dying down as they share a bed with a rampant pink geranium, which spills everywhere later in the year!

But spring has definitely come here, so I'm not grumbling!!

Cloudhands said...

The church meditation garden was started last year and we hope to add a water feature this year. It is a very pleasant little nook at the back of the church.

Cloudhands said...

No grumbling here either. Stepping outside the feel of spring is wonderfully real and encouraging.
All Dogwood trees have lovely fall coloring with bronze or burgandy leaves that are very attractive. There are also clusters of red berries that look pretty and feed the birds, so Dogwood trees are delightful in many ways.