"Simple like an uncarved block."
Tao te Ching

"Like an acorn that holds the promise of a thousand forests."

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday stroll - I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille

Oh lookie, I have a new camera and I have been practicing my close up maneuvers.


KiKi helping me hold down my reading chair
while I study my camera.

KiKi heading under the Lantana.

The Vinca being all she can be.
The lesson for me is being true to your nature and be
the very best yourself you know how to be.
With the heat index over 100' my walking is taken in
quick steps outside and equally quick right back inside.
Ice tea is the drink of the day.

Friday, July 23, 2010


This video features the Black Swallowtail with guest appearances from the ever popular group known locally as the Skippers.

Here the star is the irrepressible Tiger Swallowtail with the usual suspects.

You may be able to click and enlarge the videos, then again when I tried it was beginning to pixelate.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We love our fried green tomatoes and so we are always eager to have our first tomato harvest of the summer when some green fruits are a nice size for slicing and frying. My appetite is peaking as I begin the simple process.
Slices are dredged in cornmeal and a little flour with seasonings of salt, fresh ground pepper and today I added some sage. My heritage impels me to use white cornmeal, the preferred meal of southerners.
After sitting aside the slices to rest and absorb the coating I like to fry the tomatoes in a mix of butter and olive oil over a low flame till browned with a crisp coating and turned to do the same for the other side. The meat of the tomato will be cooked and just luscious.

Before I could take the picture DH have served himself tomato slices, pork slices and a bit of salad. Fried Green Tomatoes are a favorite of his and the first of the season were not to be denied one second longer.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I kept my father's work shoes that had spent many hours in gardens over the years and so even though I know nature will work her will on them, I've kept them in the yard at the foot of the steps. There were two of course, but Ruby the Great Dane carried one away never to be seen again.

DH planted a small row of cotton and I think the leaves are just delightful. I'm looking forward to watching the bolls form and then carefully picking a little cotton in memory of his family history in the cotton fields of Alabama.

The wild Blueberries are almost gone, but the tame bushes are giving us larger and somewhat sweeter berries now.

The best thing about gardens are all the visitors who come to visit and share the bounty that we don't happen to use. The Butterfly Bush is hosting a variety of insects, the flashiest being the butterflies. Here the Black Swallowtail is sharing the goodies with --

these cute little Skippers who have arrived with about six other family members to spread around the bush and enjoy their harvest.

Close by was this lovely Tiger Swallowtail. Don't you agree with the author when he observed...

"Butterflies are self propelled flowers"


Sunday, July 4, 2010


(If Betsy Ross had been a quilter.)
Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sharing the bounty of nectar are bees and butterflies as they sample different flowers on the

Bee Balm ( Bergamot or Oswego tea) choosing to have their tea undiluted rather than the weak beverage the humans are inclined to sip.

A visit to the wild flowers shows a little fly is also busy collecting flower goodies and happily being a welcome pollinator.

Aren't these 'wild things' flashing a colorful face to entice the bugs and insects to come play with them.

This year I bought two Cone Flowers (Echinacea) to add to the flower border. This one may be intimidated by the Shasta Daisies which has several flower to show off.

The Hosta are in full bloom and their trumpets or bells sway and wave in the light breeze that is a refreshing change from the hot humid days we have survived.

Here is a step back from the Sunflowers to show they are reaching a good height, not the 12 feet hoped for but looking stately and ready for a magnificent show when all the faces are turned to the sun.

Isn't this just the cutest face of a Sunflower, it reminds me of an Elf with huge ears and a cute pointed hat and a festive collar to frame its face. I kept expecting the petals to pop open and a little plant face speak to me of magical and curious things.

Here at last is what the faces will look like before the seeds begin to fully develop and the birds are called to feast.

Our three lovely Rose of Sharon bushes line the driveway and welcome all who come to visit. They will bloom continuously until frost.

With this close up of the Rose of Sharon I bid you Adieu and encourage you to
visit the Sunday Strolling list at
Aislings Country Home to visit other walk-abouts.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


The birds and I are keeping a close eye on the wild Blueberries. They are tiny, but oh so tasty.

The cultivated cousins are keeping a close pace and all the Blueberries may be ripe at about the same time.

Rhubarb Pies will have to wait a year or two, but we are patient.

This little green tomato is coming along just fine, thank you. I hope many more follow for lots of tomato sandwiches this summer.

Tea drinkers may find waiting for the roses to fade and the

Rose Hips to ripen a bit tiresome, but worth the wait.

Another tea provider is the Bee Balm, I find it a little strong.

Now this is really a garnish, but Mimosa smells delicious. I haven't a clue to what liquor is used to make a Mimosa, maybe someone will enlighten me.

I'm not aware of any culinary use for Lilies, but they are so pretty and smell so good, they fill up my senses just by being in my yard.

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