"Simple like an uncarved block."
Tao te Ching

"Like an acorn that holds the promise of a thousand forests."

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The cat picture is out of sequence and not the theme at all, but I thought I would start with her for the Aww Factor. This is KiKi enjoying the moment.
Today I hope you will ride home from church with us as we take a back road home. Here is the Maple tree that greets us at church. It sits between the church and the Veterinarian Clinic next door. Sure does sparkle.

Actually the colors this fall are more muted than most years, but splashes of brilliance shine out here and there.
You may want to double click the rest of the pictures to actually see more color and if you can make out the tractor above, I think it is a baler. At least I think that is what those circles on it are.

We are headed up the first rise as we go up the mountain.
Here is a resting spot in Dry Valley that has a most pleasant view of the mountain foot hills.

I'm sure the cattle have appreciated the tree left in this pasture where they could find some shade in the heat of the summer. The edges of the woods and the stream you can't see were also taken advantaged of when the sun was fully overhead.
The farmer has cleared the field, I think this year soy beans were grown here. Perhaps winter wheat is next and then corn will grow here.
Oh look, we're home and greeted by the Oak still hanging on to the green leaves for as long as possible. We are surrounded by Oaks which are usually the last to change colors.

Our neighbors like their Maple colors and I get to see them as well.
Flutemaker will double mow and render the leaves into mulch. We are not big on raking and burning, although I love the smell when some of the neighbors burn their leaves.
The leaves that gather in front of the garage will be blown into the woods. They blow back out sometimes and it becomes a dance of Falling leaves and man with blower. The leaves in front of buildings remind me of winter in Michigan and the huge drifts of snow that would pile up in front of the barn for the kids to use as forts and tunnels.

I wonder who else strolled today. Why don't you head on over to Aisling's invitation to stroll, I think I will. See you there.


Aisling said...

Beautiful! I like making the drive, or "rolling stroll", with you. I should add an oak to the yard I've decided! Here it is my Chinese Elm that seems to change last, or it could be the purple leaf plum. I'll have to pay attention this year to see which changes last. The weeping willow still has a lot of green but is getting the lemon-lime look now, as some yellow creeps in.

Thanks for sharing your drive home. The colors and scenery are wonderful!

Cloudhands said...

I'm glad you could ride along. The Oak trees are also the last to let go of their leaves. We usually have some leaves still clinging to their twigs in the spring and reluctantly let go in the blustery March winds.

Everydaywoman said...

The colors of fall are beautiful in your "neck of the woods!" The leaves here are crispy, crunchy, and brown . . . just about done. Thanks for sharing and just love the "awww" factor, too!

Cloudhands said...

Hey Ruth,
Thanks for taking time to say Hi, glad you could ride along with us up the mountain. It was pretty days yesterday and today. Our leaves are getting browner and crunchier here as well as yours. It feels like it was a quick fall season. I know it's not done yet, but time is rushing by much to quickly.

Margaret Evans Porter said...

Yes, the cat made me go "Awwww."
Wonderful landscape. Love the mountain vistas.

Cloudhands said...

There is something about being in mountain country that soothes my soul. I loved growing up in Detroit living by a river, and so I have the best of both worlds to consider when I practice Tai Chi and observe "In stillness like a mountain, in movement like a river"

Gilly said...

I do enjoy strolling with you! Your autumn colours are lovely. Our oaks hang onto the green as long as they can, but this year the winds have stripped so many of the trees some have no leaves left on!

Cloudhands said...

Hi Gilly,
yesterday we lost lots of leaves. The rain and stiff wind gave us a steady downpour of leaves. Many trees are bare today and it is starting to look more and more like winter. Thankfully there are enough colorful trees left to still please the eyes as we travel about.