"Simple like an uncarved block."
Tao te Ching

"Like an acorn that holds the promise of a thousand forests."

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Come with me to a place apart. The sort of place we are told from many sources to visit often to restore ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. We live in a home that is in a setting of peace and quiet, but we have built a little cabin down away from our busy house and hobby shop so that we can actually move to that other place that is apart.
We will stroll a short distance down to the bluff at the creek.

Come in with me. Perhaps we can sit a spell and listen to the wind in the trees and catch the song of the waterfalls.
It's never locked.
This is a wonderful place to pray, meditate and contemplate. Perhaps you would enjoy the sweet scent of sage to create an atmosphere of cleansing.
We even have a bedroll for you should you choose to spend the night.
The porch is an excellent place to look and listen to nature.
Does the sound of moving water lull you into serenity?
Do glimpses of the sky take you on flights of imagination and inspiration?
Perhaps you would enjoy a slow meander around the Labyrinth to open the doorway into your soul and your hearts delight.

Whenever you take time to 'come ye apart' you are giving yourself a gift of solitude laced with the comfort and joy that we sing about during the Christmas season. Where do you go for that sweet refreshment of time and reflection?

Do you want to continue strolling? Aisling's is the place to go.


Aisling said...

Such a perfect little retreat. I love the glimpses of woods and river and sky. Thank you for sharing the serenity of your stroll.

Cloudhands said...

It is a sweet little spot to just sit and be there. It was a pleasure to share a little of our very quiet life.

One Woman's Journey said...

My eyes filled with tears as I read of this wonderful little retreat. I would love to have something like this in my woods.
You have given me an idea!!
Your area is breathtaking and maybe the Lord will allow me a few years in these woods to make it more beautiful .

Cloudhands said...

Oh Ernestine,
I am so glad to be able to give you an inspiration for an addition to your lovely woods.
We had a Mennonite gentleman build the cabin on site. The area is steep and heavily wooded so he couldn't bring in a ready-made cabin on a sledge. There is just no room to maneuver.
The cabin is styled like the cabins along hiking trails where folks can spend the night. It is small, but we have a little kerosene heater that we can run if we need it.
I wish you years and years of health and vigor to create your space of grace and beauty.

Gilly said...

What a wonderful, wonderful place! Please will you pack it up, lock stock and all the lovely woods and stream and send it to me!!!!

Twain12 said...

just a wonderful and magical place

Cloudhands said...

I would love to be able to duplicate and share our retreat from the hustle and bustle, but can only wish you your own place of quiet peace and joy. Everyone deserves a little private space even if it is in a park or corner of a busy home.

I agree and assure you that I am fully appreciative of the fact the circumstances brought us here and made it possible to create a set-apart haven.

ASouthernSunset said...

What a wonderful place of peace. How is it that life has become so busy?!! I don't think it was intended that life be lived in such a fast pace. If only we all had such a place of retreat, I believe the world would be a better place. Thank you for sharing such serenity.

Cloudhands said...

Having made the transition from frantic to easy does it, I can assure you that we can make our own quiet place if we want it enough and we did. There is a certain excitment and emotional high that comes with life in the fast lane, but I really don't miss it. The high I ride now is filled with awe and wonder as I have become an observer.