"Simple like an uncarved block."
Tao te Ching

"Like an acorn that holds the promise of a thousand forests."

Sunday, July 26, 2009


The morning glory says good morning and shines for most of the day. It speaks to the eyes with it color and joy.
But last night I stepped out on the porch and my ears and soul were greeted by the most glorious serenade of natures very own Night Music. I was enthralled again as I always am as I listened to the cadence and various pitches of tree frogs and insects. I knew I wanted to share the wonder of it all.
So I invite you to turn the volume all the way up. The night critters are loud and wildly enthusiastic about their songs.
How loud are they? They are so loud that one of my daughter-in-laws was frightened by the sounds she heard outside the open window the first time they came to visit here in summer on this mountaintop in Tennessee.
Perhaps after all your strolling over at The Quiet Country House and other places you might like to come back, sit on the porch with us and watch the moon dance across the sky to the glorious night sounds that speak to the heart and affairs of the critters in our neighborhood. Actualy go ahead and listen now and come back if you enjoy the courting songs of the little critters.


Aisling said...

Pretty song, pretty picture. I loved your narrative today too... very relaxing. :)

Cloudhands said...

The cicadia haven't started to add their high pitched hum yet and I look forward to their part of the symphony. The dancing fireflies right now add a nice visual element that I forgot to mention.

Everydaywoman said...

Thanks for sharing the sounds of nature with us! Last night, I, too, was struck by the wild chorus that rose from our pond. I couldn't believe the volume of the bullfrogs! It could be scary to someone who isn't used to it. We always welcomed the sound of "peepers" as the beginning of spring!

LOVE the brilliant blue Morning Glory, too!

Margaret Evans Porter said...

The Heavenly Blue morning glory made my day! Thanks for bringing your surroundings to life with your wonderful words.

Green Mamma said...

Cloudhands, I'd love to know when our next full moon is: I want to take it in, full beauty of the night (it's been so long since I've taken late night walks, especially now that I'm in bed early because of my little one), and the other reason I'd love to see a full moon is that they're supposed to help bring babies, lol.

Anyway, I enjoyed this post, :-)

Cloudhands said...

Isn't it fun to listen and wonder at the enormous numbers of creatures that live with us and yet are almost invisible to us as we go about our business. I see frogs from time to time around our porch and garden but the sounds at night make me think there must be hundreds if not more.

The morning glory blue is a true eye catcher. It always requires a second look and a moment of contemplation. I find busy work to do that takes me out to look again and again while they are open. I generally do more looking than work.

Cloudhands said...

August 6 is the next full moon. I don't know what time it will appear in the sky, but I'll bet somewhere on the internet you can find out for your location.
I took the moon picture on a clear night when the moon looked huge. In the past my moon shots always looked tiny, but for some reason this time it didn't shrink as much. I think I read somewhere the camera eye is not fooled by the atmosphere distortion in the same way our human eye accepts visual input. Think you could convince Annabelle of that?
Good luck getting the little guy here in a timely fashion.

Balisha said...

Hello Cloudhands,
I am a big fan of Ernestines and I read your comments often. Thought I would visit your blog today. Your sounds of the night sound like my backyard. We have heard the cicadas already. I too love all these sounds. I read some more of your posts and found this verse. My husband and I have said this so many times.It's on my refigerator.

This is the day the Lord hath made,
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24

Cloudhands said...

Well hello Balisha,
It is a pure pleasure to meet you. I have also noted your name at Ernestine's blog and admit to peering over your shoulder at your words way up north. Isn't it fun to share ideas across the world. It amazes me all the time. May you always be able to rejoice each day and find pleasure in each moment.

Gilly said...

You have much louder wildlife than we do! No cicadas, not many crickets (and certainly not where we are!) and only the occasional owl.

But I remember those noises from when we used to go to Greece. It was magic sitting outside in the evenings, listening to everything!

Cloudhands said...

I'm glad you have had the experience of night critter sounds. It can sometimes be overwhelming when the little beasties are at full tilt. But I love it because it fills me up with the energy of it all.