"Simple like an uncarved block."
Tao te Ching

"Like an acorn that holds the promise of a thousand forests."

Sunday, August 23, 2009


A favorite landmark we always look for as we head for Interstate Highway 65 is the castle in Triune, Tennessee. Some twenty years or more ago a fellow began to build his dream home, his very own castle. To help pay his way to the 1400s, he began to hold Renaissance Fairs on his property. It has become an annual event. We always enjoy the sight of this splendorous place.
Soon we are making the choice to head south into Alabama and toward Flutemakers family home.

Entering the great state of Alabama on route 65 means we were greeted by the product of the aerospace industry around Huntsville, Ala. We always stop at the Welcome Center for a break and a quick walk about to stretch our legs.

Up and over the bridge we go as we cross the beautiful Tennessee River as it flows through 'the cotton fields of home'. I hoped to take some pictures of cotton in bloom, but it is still to early in the growing season for that to happen.

The patriarchs of the family are now Uncle Clarence and his sweet wife Clarice. They are the glue holding us all together.

Here we all are doing the family reunion traditional dinner. The food table was loaded and revisited and then the dessert table received several more visits and still there was

food overflowing the plates and bowls still on the table. Here you can see a couple of almost empty bowls that must have been especially tasty. I think every family fared equally well with what ended up going home for that late night snack.

After we ate, a bunch of us ended up around the piano singing and entertaining the rest of the family. We sang out of old hymnals and without any direct apology to my camera's video capability or the out of tune community center piano here we are with our version of I'll Fly Away.


Aisling said...

Nice driving tour. Loved the song at the end! :D

Cloudhands said...

This was the first time I had tried to video anything with my camera and if there were adjustments I needed to make to the camera I sure hadn't studied up on what those should be. So this is raw digital footage. I plan to do some serious practice before I try that again. But, we had a good time and ate too much, laughed and sang too much and came home worn out. Happy worn out.

Blessed With Four said...

I have driven up and down I65 many, many times and have those exact same pictures during different seasons - I live in FL and love to travel up your way when ever possible

Cloudhands said...

Well Hello Blessed,
I was also blessed with four. Aisling being one of them. Hubby was born in Alabama and so we have followed I65 for many years, first from Michigan and now we can zip down there quickly whenever we want from here in Tennessee. Thanks for stopping by to visit.

Everydaywoman said...

Sounds like a wonderful family reunion, and family is really what it's all about, isn't it?

Thanks for sharing Flutemaker's family with us, too, as we've gotten to know your side of the family through you and your daughter!


Cloudhands said...

Hey Ruth,
I love family reunions mine and hubby's. I'm especially interested in the older generation and the stories they have to tell. I prefer the gatherings like reunions, weddings and fun happenings rather than funerals all of which bring us together.